11 ways to know if your computer hacked

11 Ways to tell if your computer is Actually being Hacked…

Cyber-attacks have recently become a very popular problem, so everyone is worried about protecting their data. To prevent your passwords or other important data from being stolen by hackers, you must pay attention to any changes on your computer. It can be tough to know for sure, but we decided to throw together a few helpful facts that can help you if your privacy is at risk.

11. Antivirus Disabled

Antivirus disabled by hackers

Antivirus programs are very hard to disable, even when you want to. They have special safety protocols that ask you two or even three times if you are sure that you don’t want the program to work. So, it’s almost impossible that you turn it off accidentally. The first thing that good hackers do is disable the antivirus so that you can’t detect the intrusion. Don’t wait. Look at your Antivirus software now and check whether it’s working properly or not. //Unless consequences may get worst. that your computer may be compromised

10. Fake Virus Messages

11 Ways to tell if your computer is Actually being Hacked by hackers

One way that hackers will try to get you into their claws is by sending you these little fake “your computer is hacked click here to fix it” virus messages.Even some of these have verbal prompts on them. If your antivirus is working properly, it should keep people from getting into your computer directly. Meaning, if they want your information, you would have to go to them on your own accord. The fake virus messages are the most common way that people get their computers hacked as they will click on the message because they’re worried.

But instead of being helpful, it actually ends up granting the hacker access to your computer. It’s like taking your home and then opening the front door to a robber and handing in the keys and say, “Here you can have access anytime you want”.

9. Frequent Pop-ups

Everybody hates popups. There’s nothing wrong with usual popups however if you’re getting pop-ups super frequently something is probably wrong. Like we discuss earlier, the first thing hackers will normally do when getting into someone’s computer is disable their antivirus and pop-up blocking software.

So, if you normally don’t get many pop-ups or any at all, and then all of a sudden, you’re getting a barrage of them, definitely start looking into your settings as something was probably changed somehow and if it wasn’t you; obviously something is wrong in your computer has been compromised.

8. Passwords suddenly not working

This is a huge red flag if you go to your social media accounts or other online accounts and your password suddenly not working, you’re in really big trouble. If you can’t access the accounts, and you’re sure you didn’t change your passwords and forget about it, your computer has most likely been hacked.

Fortunately, most services have the two-factor authentication, so you can restore your passwords by having a code sent to your phone number. Once you’ve done it, change passwords even for the accounts that apparently haven’t been hacked yet. Tell all your friends not to open messages from you, and not to go through the links sent from your accounts.

Obviously, a common tactic when stealing information is to lock the real person out of their accounts by changing the password. So, I mean just by the rule of thumb, always be changing your passwords and I know this goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway. Don’t use personal information for your passwords, don’t use birthdays, kid’s names, parents names, anything like that. Make deep passwords, complicated, uppercase, lowercase, symbols, whatever you’re allowed to do. The more complicated, The better.

7. Unapproved software from hackers

1 way to tell if your computer is actually being hacked

With most computers, softwares will not download unless you approve or schedule it first. However, if a software begins downloading without any warning or asking for approval you need to stop it immediately.

Sure, sometimes your computer just goofs up and downloads a regular update. Maybe it’s a Flash update or a Microsoft update or something like that without telling you first. But if you start getting stuff downloading from random sources without your approval, I guarantee you there is something wrong there, and a lot of this is basic information that we’re going over.

Monthly attacks

You would be surprised to see how many people every day that get taken advantage of that don’t look at the basics.

6. Redirected web Searches by hackers

Another big red flag is if you start getting redirected to random websites while searching the web. Although antivirus works the way it does, many viruses need to manually be installed by the user (which is you) which often leads hackers to resort to trying to trick you into clicking on their virus. A huge red flag is if you are frequently being redirected to spam websites when you didn’t intend to go there in the first place, and you’ve all been to these websites where you click on something or you click here, and it automatically shoots you to this site that is obviously not safe, and it’s just everything, all your buzzers are going off. If this is happening, start looking into your settings and see if anything has been changed or if your system has been compromised at all.

5. New Icons/Toolbars

11 Ways to tell if your computer is Actually being Hacked by hackers

Well, we have all experienced of our toolbars or favorites getting randomly changed or deleted by a software update. It’s very annoying because if you don’t uncheck the Auto update checkbox you’ll get a brand new toolbar a brand new default browser. If it happens on a bigger scale you may need to actually do some investigation.

Usually, when a software update is installed your web browser will be set to default toolbars in favorites, but if this change happens without warning or if something is added to your toolbars or favorites take your computer in right away and have somebody look at it or do whatever you need to do get a malware program,

Because if this toolbar/Icon is being added and taken off without you physically doing it then there are bigger forces that work inside your computer little hacker, demon trolls are in there and It’s probably close to you losing your data. Don’t run unknown applications if you don’t want to make the hackers’ job easier. Try to delete them from your computer if you can. If you can’t get the help of experts.

4. Spam send to friends by hackers

11 Ways to tell if your computer is Actually being Hacked by hackers

Are your friends getting social media invites that you didn’t send? This one happens commonly on Facebook but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Nothing should be able to send messages from your account other than you. Maybe you clicked on some add or you accidentally approved some app on Facebook, but for whatever reason it may be, if this happens you need to change your passwords and double-check your settings right away.

Hackers are cheeky and prey on the unsuspecting and there are so many of them out there, specially on Social Media. Maybe there are ways around if there are loopholes. There are so many ways for them to get in.So, it is important to enable 2-step verification on everything you can.

One big way hackers go in is through your SIM card through your phone. So, make sure that your phone provider is well aware that you need to have two-step or some kind of PIN code. Make sure nobody can access your phone because that is one way that hackers can get into all of your accounts.

11 Ways to tell if your computer is Actually being Hacked by hackers

There is an online tool to check whether your email has been hacked or not. Visit https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to make sure your email is protected or not.

3. Mouse moving by itself (hackers)

If you notice that your cursor is moving without your control and is highlighting something, it means your computer has definitely been hacked. Someone is probably doing something at this very moment. (Just make sure you’re not on some TeamViewer with a buddy that you know.) What you should do is disable the internet connection as soon as possible. This means disconnecting the ethernet cable or turning off your wireless router until a specialist arrives and fixes the problem.

2. Your data is on the Internet, even though you didn’t put it there

11 Ways to tell if your computer is Actually being Hacked by hackers

You’ve probably heard many stories in the news about celebrities whose photos were stolen and shared with the entire world. This is a terrible situation to be in, and this can happen to anyone. It’s just that only celebrity stories end up in the newspapers. Hackers can start blackmailing you, threatening to share your information with your friends. YOUR NEXT…!!!

Here are some tips to do…First, take care of your credit cards. Call your bank and tell them to block the cards that you have used to pay for something online. Only after your money is safe, call a specialist that can deal with the safety problem. The stolen data can’t be returned, so whatever is online stays online. Try not to store files you don’t want to be stolen from your computer

1. Your computer works very slowly.

If even the simplest operations take your computer a very long time to complete, and if you notice a significant drop in the speed of your internet connection, it might mean that someone hacked your computer. First, try to reboot your computer and check the performance again. Maybe you just need a hardware upgrade.

If nothing changes, launch the task manager and look for the processes that are eating your RAM. Shut down all the tasks that you can and see how well the computer works. If you experience problems after that, well, you already know that your computer has been compromised…

11 Ways to know if your computer is being hacked
Now you know the reasons. Don’t wait,take Actions…!!!

There you have it, my friends, those are 11 ways to tell if your computer is actually being hacked. Like I said a lot of them are simple and a lot of you probably already know these, but there are people out there that are unsuspecting and naive to the fact. So hopefully, it helps somebody. If you guys would like to see “11 ways to protect your computer from being hacked”, We could put that together as well. We can do a top ten or a custom quiz about anything. It doesn’t matter the more fun the better.

So we hope you guys enjoyed this article and we’ll see you with a brand new post very soon. Till then Stay with us.

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